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Next Level Metal
Next Level Metal

Masterful Handcrafting with Passion and Ingenuity


Masterful Handcrafting with Passion and Ingenuity



There is no greater space than one that is interesting, comfortable and functional.  Mixed materials, including metal, wood and stone work independently and in conjunction to provide dimension. Our passion is to listen to the wants and needs of our clients and offer ideas to take their projects to the Next Level. 


From raw materials comes something amazing. We have a fervor for taking the most basic sheet or tube or bar and working it into the very piece or structure described by the client. With  40 combined years of fabrication experience, our shop boasts of welders who take pride in the process as well as the finished product. 


We love a good project and believe there is no venture too big or too small when it comes to metal fabrication. Because of our vast experience in residential and commercial environments, we are eager to share our design ideas and build the perfect elements to suit the needs of our clients. Every project is driven by the idea that if we think smarter about the purpose, the end result will stand the test of time in terms of durability, functionality and style. Essentially, it will be exceptional forever! 

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         Our St. Louis client wanted to replace the existing gates on their lake walking path with new gates that match their cable rail system. 


We created welded corners to  give the angles a slick appearance that matches the building's modern design. 


The posts were drawn as art to match the current posts and water-jetted out of 1/2" thick stainless steel.


Cool finds and the stories behind them create amazing projects.


New, clean steel is great, but sometimes there is magic in the rust and grit of pieces sitting around in the stacks. 

The hunt. . .


. . .is just as energizing as the assembly.


Custom Trailer Fabrication

Built for a client's specific trade, we thought of everything when we designed this trailer. 

More than just a pretty Gate

There is no limit when customization is concerned. Gates and fence show off the personality of the space and the people who live inside. 

Helical Stairs

This staircase serves an important purpose, but the clients refer to it as a sculpture on the front of their home. 

meet the crew

Kurt Stellhorn, Managing Partner

Growing up in small-town Illinois, his upbringing was greatly influenced by his parents and his grandmother, who had no problem smacking him upside the head with a frying pan. She taught him how to cook and be a gentleman, while Kurt's grandfather ingrained a love for taking things apart, tinkering and reassembling them. Grandpa had him dissecting vehicles and equipment from a very young age. In high school, Kurt determined that the Marine Corps would steer him in a really great direction. He served 4 years and came home to rekindle an old passion for training cutting horses. He lived in Texas for a spell, before returning back to that small town that he came from.   

As all good love stories go, he was smitten with a girl he used to know. They got married, built a home, had two babies in two years, all while he started his fabrication business.  
Kurt's passion for design and art, in conjunction with his flare for beautifully-made, well-constructed projects, sets him apart in the industry. There is no limit to what he will try-If someone can imagine it, he is willing to make it a reality. Kurt's intensity and attention to detail is unparalleled. His knowledge and experience with various construction trades makes him a phenomenal resource in a variety of situations--from pre-construction and excavating to grading and building to fabrication and finish.

The rest of the crew is coming soon

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