Why choose Next Level Metal?

We make amazingly cool stuff. We design it. We fabricate it. We install it. Next Level Metal’s studio is a think tank that begins with listening to our clients’ needs and bringing ideas to life in a variety of metals and mixed materials. Our artisans have years of experience and extraordinary talent for putting a “wow” factor into every project.

Where do we start?

Give us a call or send us an email! We can jump in at any stage of the process, whether you have a need, a Pinterest page with ideas, or a fully completed design. Then we will set up a time to meet, check out your space, and take measurements. If it’s easier to send us your ideas and discuss your needs over the phone, that works too! We’ll find out exactly what you are looking for, prepare a bid, and get it back to you.

Who designs my custom metalwork?

You tell us! Next Level Metal has a full spectrum of in-house design capabilities and use the latest software to collaborate with our clients, including SketchUp, CAD, and BuilderTrend. Our design team loves putting their creativity to the test, but we can also take your set of CAD specifications and go straight to fabrication. Input and direction is always welcome from architects, contractors, designers, and of course the client who will use and love their space.

Is there a design fee?

This depends on the needs of project and will always be disclosed upfront. Next Level Metal offers a full spectrum of in-house design capabilities and use the latest software to collaborate with our clients, including SketchUp, CAD, and BuilderTrend. First we collaborate to come up with rough ideas and a budget for your custom project. Then we create a design to make sure every detail is exactly right. We work with the client on a personal level to make your space perfect—whatever that means to you.

What is the standard lead-time?

Lead-time varies with project scale and location. Next Level Metal strives to complete each project on time every time and do installations all over the United States. That means careful planning and time management on our end and close coordination with the other contractors working on your project. We also build in capacity to work on urgent projects when clients have critical deadlines. Restaurant opening next week and you are missing stainless steel countertops? Give us a call and we will do our best to work with you!

Do I need a permit? Who handles the architectural drawings, engineering, and permit application?

Next Level Metal will assess your project to determine what is required and coordinate all permits, drawings, inspections, etc., either in-house or with your contractor.

What is welding?

Welders play an extremely important role at Next Level Metal. Welding is the method of joining two pieces of metal. Welders apply extreme heat to soften the material and then apply pressure against the joint to unite the pieces together in a melded state. The welder must first inspect the engineered blueprint. Then the welder will use a gas torch to fuse the joints of the material. This is a complex process and it demands the undivided attention of a welder. Without great care and attention, metal can warp during welding due to the high degree of heat. Next Level Metal’s artisans are deeply skilled in welding the materials that we use. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and strive for the highest standards of quality in each project.

What finishes can be applied to metal?

Metal is amazing! It can take a huge variety of custom finishes. Patina, paint, powder coat, anodizing, and galvanizing can be applied depending on each client’s taste and the functionality of a piece. In its barest form, metal is beautiful when left as natural millscale with a clearcoat applied. 

What types of metal materials do you work with?

Most commonly used metals include steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, and aluminum. You’ll be amazed at the unlimited spectrum of looks and finishes we can achieve with these products. They come in a million shapes, sizes, and designs too! Our specialty materials include copper, bronze, brass, and wrought iron. Interested in something else? Give us a shout! We love innovation and are always willing to try new ideas.

Do you fabricate stainless steel countertops?

Yes! Next Level Metal is one of a very small number of fabricators that works with stainless steel. We are pros in commercial kitchens big and small. Speaking of commercial kitchens, we make custom tables, chairs, stools, kick rails, bar tops, and serving stations, too. We can also custom fabricate shelving and ductwork and make repairs.

What if my project involves the use of mixed materials, such as concrete, stone, or wood?

We do the majority of any project in-house. If there is a material that is not within our capabilities, we handpick the best subcontractor with whom we have a relationship.  Next Level Metal manages all aspects of schedule, quality, and jobsite conditions to ensure that everything meets our own high expectations.

What can I expect while my product is in fabrication?

Next Level Metal utilizes BuilderTrend, a project management software. From the bidding process through installation, we keep you notified of your project’s status.  We’ll communicate with you, and you can easily communicate with our team! BuilderTrend even makes payment easy with online payment options.

If you fabricate it, can I install it myself?

Sure! Next Level Metal offers pricing that includes fabrication without installation.

Do you make custom furniture?

Of course! We make custom furniture of all kinds. Snap a picture of something cool or shoot us a link to your Pinterest page. We will make the perfect custom piece to fit your space and look.

What areas do you service?

Next Level Metal has done work all over the continental United States, from Florida to California. High quality custom metal fabricators can be difficult to find, but we are adventurous! Your pieces can be fabricated at our studios in St. Louis, Missouri, or Dallas, Texas, and transported to the highest mountaintop. We carefully plan transportation logistics to ensure that everything arrives in pristine condition and then coordinate onsite installation.

What will my project cost?

This is the beauty of custom craftsmanship. Next Level Metal has the capabilities to do almost any project, large or small. We can create a patio space, renovate a basement, or build a bridge start to finish. Or we can put the finishing details by adding a cool staircase or custom handrails to your existing space. So the sky is the limit. But to give you an idea, our smaller standalone projects start around $5,000.